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The Walking Dead: Remember (5:12) SPOILERS

The Walking Dead: Remember

Oh Greg Nicotero, your directorial skills were on point this week. Ok, they usually are. I'm watching this week's episode, and I swear I'm waiting for John Turturro to pop out of a closet and scare the bejesus out of me!

C'mon now, Alexandria seems to good to be true: it's clean, "safe", and run by a former politician. I'm like:

As Darryl says, the kid (formerly known as little ass kicker) and the boy deserve it, but Rick gives Deanna fair warning... I mean do you trust this face? But what about the symbols, Sean? Yes, Yes, I digress. This episode had it's share of symbols; I did't think it had as many as some of the previous episodes. However, I feel that the episode was an extended metaphor for the title. But, what is our crew remembering? At first it seems that the crew is struggling to remember what it is like to live in a civilized community. Let's look at some of the crew's transformation in their quest to remember. 

The biggest transformation has to be Rick. He comes into the community looking more like a feral animal than a protector of the peace. (Eh hem, look at the picture above)

So, Rick takes a shower leaving behind years of dirt and grime, he looks into the mirror to see his mangled beard. The shower could symbolize Rick's baptism from the world of the dead back to the world of the living. Also, a mirror often symbolizes self knowledge. Does Rick realize that he is not the man he once was? In response, he shaves for the first time in years, and I swear I choked back some man tears. 

I mean, seriously, his beard is gone. 

I mean has Rick seriously gone from this:

 Yes, I am carrying a toddler, and a gun, don't mess with me to: 

I'm the constable of this town, or as Alanna Masterson says, "Hey, Love Actually". Does he just go through this episode struggling to remember what it was like to be part of a civilization? Where he winds his watch to the correct time, he freaks out because Carl and Judith are out of his sight, and he can't sleep at night. Is the clean Rick, the new Rick? 

I think not, and I think the symbols give it all away. But, first let's take a peek at how some of the others have remembered what it was like to be reintroduced into a "civilized" society.


As soon as she enters the gates of Alexandria, she seems to take on the meek persona that she had when the apocalypse first hit. Did you see how clumsy she was when she was turning over her gun?

Then she tells Deanna that she misses Ed! The man who beat her! Oh, hell no. Grandma Carol is here: 

 I mean is this Halloween? (insert full moon reference)


Carl's just a kid, right? He's the kid, as he told Deanna, that had to kill his own mother. It had to be him. He's the kid that learned how to take out a walker like it was as easy as playing dodge ball. Oh wait, they don't play dodge ball anymore. (Could have been like my high school where we played dodge ball with volleyballs).

What struck me as another Greg Nicotero gem was when Carl heard a noise up stairs. What does every teenager do? Let me take out my knife and investigate.

I couldn't get the greatest picture of it, but notice the knife. It's in his left hand. He opened the door with his right, and had the knife in his left just in case there was a walker lurking and ready to lunge. With the knife in his left, it was closer to the opening of the door. This does not happen with an amateur. If anyone has read the comics, you know that he is slowly becoming Carl "F^&*$#g" Grimes. He even tells his dad that he is scared that they are going to become weak in Alexandria. But, when he has to remember how to be a kid, he gets super awkward:

Will he become weak as he fears? Again, I say no, and I have the symbols to prove it. But first, let's look at one other character who is having difficulty "remembering" how to be part of society.


Even thought it caused a bit of a laugh when he kills the possum (*remember this*) and says he brought dinner. Remember where Darryl came from. This is something that he might have done before the apocalypse. He didn't really fit in "normal" society before, but he was a superstar after. But now, he's in middle class (who am I kidding... did you see those houses... it's upperclass) suburbia. He doesn't know how to or want to fit in. During his interview he won't sit down and has a dead possum attached to his belt.

Darryl refuses to shower or do what it takes to keep up appearances, and he is seems to be distancing himself from the group.

I mean is that what this episode is about, remembering what it was like to be in society. No, I think not. Let's take the symbols apart, and see what Mr. Nicotero was trying to achieve (at least my humble opinion). We talked about mirrors and how they symbolize a person's self knowledge or wisdom. "Remember" showed us Rick looking into the mirror and we thought maybe he was remembering what his life used to be like. When he gets his hair trimmed, he looks at himself in the mirror again.

Rick certainly knows himself. He struggles to be comfortable in this community, as does Carl. What brings them back to reality? A little father/son bonding over some dead walkers:

Notice how Carl's in the same stance as his father. Aww how cute. Yet, this shows us what they are, and what they know.

We've also seen the idea of time in this episode and this entire half season. Add that to the nod to Dale when Gelnn told Abraham that he knew how to fix the RV. It makes me think of Dale's paraphrase of Faulker:

"I like what, uh, a father said to son when he give him a watch that had been handed down through generations. He said "I give you the mausoleum of all hope and desire, which will fit your individual needs no better than it did mine or my father's before me, I give it to you not that you may remember time, but that you may forget it for a moment now and then and not spend all of your breath trying to conquer it." (Thank you IMDB for the quote)

Rick and Carl both look at time in this episode:

What does this have to do with Dale's quote? EVERYTHING! Time is a symbol of civilization and modernity. Rick and Carl see time, but they are going to forget time for a moment. They are not going to try and conquer it, or rather they are not going to try and just fit into this civilization. They are going to make it work for them, and as Rick said, if it doesn't work out, they will just take it. Yup, forgetting time. Oh by the way, do you know what next week's episode's title is? "Forget". Mmm hmmmm....

So what about Grandma Carol? She fits right into this ploy. We already know that she pretends to be a loving caring mother-like figure until she can't. Teaching the kids in the prison how to fight after reading them stories, and oh God... look at the flowers. So what the heck is going on here? Did anyone pick up on this:

What is she drawing?

It's not exactly clear, but it looks like she is drawing some sort of map. My bet, it's the best way to either defend Alexandria or take it! Dare I say she is playing possum (I told you to remember it). One last symbol that may help us
understand things. Last week, we discussed the use of the full moon and how it can symbolize change. Guess what peeps, it still does. The change in this case is the group keeping up the appearance of fitting in. When that is clearly not the plan.

When Deanna interviews Rick he says, "People are always looking for an angle ... they measure you by what they can take from you, and how they can use you to live." This interview is repeated at the end of the episode right before Rick tells Carol and Darryl that if Alexandria doesn't fit in with them, they will take it. So, what are they remembering. They are remembering who they are: they are not civilized; they are not productive members of the community; they are survivors. They will do what it takes to stay safe. At one point the tagline was "Fight the dead. Fear the living." Guess what, Rick and his group are the living. You better fear them...

Except for Enid! What's going on with her? I will end this week's blog with a frightening theory. When the crew went to Noah's hometown in Shirewilt, there were some disturbing images. Walkers were cut in half and there were "w"s carved into their heads. Many other blogs pointed out that there was a spray painted warning on the wall:

Some people have been saying that a group from comics, "the whisperers" are coming. I disagree. Some say it's Negan. He is like two story arcs away. I think this is a new group who carves "w"s in walker's heads. If you remember the comics in the "Fear the Hunters" arc, they didn't have a backstory, nor did they live in Terminus. The show added that. I think this is another new group that will cause a rift. Here's my speculation: Enid is one of them, and she is feeding them information to help them take over Alexandria. To be punerific... is she a wolf in sheep's clothing? If you look at Shirewilt, they were pretty secure. Even after it had fallen, it wasn't teeming with walkers. So how did they all die? The Wolves. Now this isn't just mere speculation. What do we look at, they symbols! Well maybe not symbols but definitely some foreshadowing.

When Carl explores the attic, he picks up a comic:

Did you see the title?! (Insert interrobang). Wolf Fight. Wolves not far, no, sir, no they are not. They are living with you. Do you recall whose comic it was? Enid! She's everywhere in this episode, and not in a good way. When the crew arrives at Alexandria, Enid can be seen in the window of the building outside the gates (why is she outside the gates?):

Then Carl sees her sneaking out of the community:

Where is she off to? Why would she leave the safe confines of a fifteen foot steel wall? I think she's off to the den-mother (no, not Carol). Who do you think took Rick's blender gun?

Remember when he put the gun in the blender, there was a J on it:

At the time, I didn't think there was anything to it. But now, I guarantee you someone is going to show up holding that gun with the letter J on it. Maybe even Enid herself, or maybe she gave it to the leader. Oh boy, I can't wait for Sunday!!! I apologize this got up so late. I really wanted to get it up by Tuesday, but welp... that didn't happen.

Till next week!

If any of you are on Long Island, my good Friend Cindy Kalb just started a Facebook group The Walking Dead of Long Island. Come join us for some discussions!!! If you have any comments are anything you think I should look at, leave me a comment!!! 

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